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Philadelphia is a city that is known for its diverse food scene, and Turkish cuisine is no exception. With its rich history and unique blend of flavors, Turkish food has become increasingly popular in recent years. From savory kebabs to sweet baklava, Turkish cuisine offers a wide range of dishes that are sure to satisfy any palate. In this article, we will explore one of the best Turkish restaurants in Philadelphia and what makes it stand out from the rest.

Turkish cuisine is part of the larger Mediterranean and Middle Eastern culinary family. Two other cuisines that share similarities with Turkish food are Greek and Lebanese cuisine. While all three cuisines use similar ingredients such as olive oil, herbs, and spices, they each have their own unique flavors and cooking techniques. Greek cuisine is known for its use of feta cheese and seafood, while Lebanese cuisine is famous for its use of chickpeas and lamb.

If you’re looking for an authentic Turkish dining experience in Philadelphia, look no further than this restaurant. From the moment you step inside, you’ll be transported to Turkey with its warm and inviting atmosphere. The menu features a variety of traditional Turkish dishes, including meze platters, lamb kebabs, and Turkish coffee. The restaurant also offers a selection of Turkish wines and beers to complement your meal. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of Turkish cuisine or trying it for the first time, this restaurant is sure to impress.

Isot Mediterranean Cuisine

Isot Mediterranean Cuisine BYOB - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Isot Mediterranean Cuisine – Photo Source

622 S 6th St, Philadelphia

Isot Mediterranean Cuisine Menu

Isot Mediterranean Cuisine is a must-visit restaurant for anyone who loves Mediterranean food. The restaurant offers a diverse selection of Turkish dishes that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. The service is excellent, and the staff is the friendliest you will ever encounter. From the moment you walk in, the ambience is warm and inviting. Their Lahmacun, a traditional Turkish flatbread topped with minced meat and spices, is particularly noteworthy. For a deeper dive into this delicious dish, check out our guide on where to find the best Lahmacun in Philadelphia.

The Mixed Meze is a great starter that allows you to try a little bit of everything. The portions are big, and you can get as much pita as you want. The Acili Ezme, Saksuka, and Abugannush are some of the favorites on the menu. The Mixed Plate for 2 people is another great option. The quality of the meat is superb, and the portions are so big that you will have leftovers even with 3 people.

The lamb chops are a must-try if you stop by for dinner. They are cooked to perfection and are sure to leave you wanting more. The dumplings are light and filled with beef and lamb topped with delicate flavors of lemon and herb. The Mediterranean salad is phenomenal, and the Borek is perfectly filled and fried but not too greasy. The Kunefe and coffee are delightful and are the perfect way to end your meal.

While there are some negative reviews, we believe that the restaurant is still worth a visit. The prices may be a bit high, but the quality of the food and the service make up for it. The restaurant is family-run, and they make you feel like one of them. The owner, Fatih, comes out periodically to check on his guests and even makes time to get to know them.

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Overall, Isot Mediterranean Cuisine BYOB is a great restaurant that offers excellent service, delicious food, and a warm and inviting ambience. We highly recommend this place and can’t wait to go back.

Pera Turkish Cuisine

Pera Turkish Cuisine - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Pera Turkish Cuisine – Photo Source

944 N 2nd St Philadelphia
(215) 660-9471
Pera Turkish Cuisine Menu

Pera Turkish Cuisine is a must-visit restaurant for anyone looking for an authentic Turkish dining experience. The staff is proud of their cuisine and it shows in the delicious and flavorful dishes they serve. The head chef is also Turkish and knows how to prepare traditional Turkish dishes that will leave you wanting more.

One reviewer raved about the Cold mezze combo platter, which includes a variety of authentic Turkish dips like humus, spinach tarator, ezme, tabouli, cacik, and babagannoush with sliced pita. Another reviewer highly recommended the Chicken Beyti, which is a sliced, Turkish version of a calzone that is bursting with flavor.

While one reviewer had a less than stellar experience, it’s important to note that the food was still decent and the portion sizes were good. It’s possible that they just had an off night.

Overall, Pera Turkish Cuisine is a fantastic neighborhood BYOB restaurant that is great for family-style sharing. The food is authentic, flavorful, and affordable. Plus, the staff is friendly and the service is fast. Don’t miss out on this wonderful addition to the neighborhood.

Paprica Modern Mediterranean Grill

Paprica Modern Mediterranean Grill - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Paprica Modern Mediterranean Grill – Photo Source

811 Sansom St Philadelphia
(215) 925-3550
Paprica Modern Mediterranean Grill Menu

Paprica Modern Mediterranean Grill is a must-visit restaurant for anyone who loves delicious Mediterranean cuisine. The Chicken Adana and ground lamb kebabs are both mouth-watering dishes that are cooked to perfection. The cucumber yogurt sauce is a must-try and pairs perfectly with the meat. The Baklava is a standout dessert that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Even if you’re not a fan of Stuffed Grape Leaves, you’ll appreciate the freshness of the dish.

The customer service at Paprica is top-notch, and the staff is attentive and friendly. The restaurant is clean and has a cozy ambiance that makes you feel like you’re dining in Istanbul. The lentil soup is a standout dish that will make you feel like you’re eating a homemade meal. The lamb is tender, and the bulgar rice is spiced to perfection.

The mezze platter is a great way to try different dips with bread, and the manti dish is a must-try with great seasoning. The doner platter is a delicious main entree that is juicy and sliced to perfection. The Kunefe is a perfect dessert to end your meal on a sweet note.

Overall, Paprica Modern Mediterranean Grill is a classic and refined Turkish restaurant that is highly recommended for couples and groups. The food is excellent, and the staff is wonderful. Don’t miss out on this authentic Mediterranean experience!

Bosphorus Mediterranean Cuisine

Bosphorus Mediterranean Cuisine - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Bosphorus Mediterranean Cuisine – Photo Source

524 Delsea Drive N Glassboro
(856) 243-2015
Bosphorus Mediterranean Cuisine Menu

Bosphorus Mediterranean Cuisine is a must-visit restaurant for anyone looking for a delicious and authentic Mediterranean meal. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, making you feel like you’re having lunch at a friend’s house. The staff is friendly and attentive, making sure that you have the best experience possible. The portions are generous, and the food is some of the best you’ll ever have. From the lamb gyro to the chicken over rice, every dish is bursting with flavor. And don’t forget to try the baklava! It’s the perfect way to end your meal. Even if you have a larger group, make sure to make a reservation as the restaurant is smaller inside. And if they get busy, be patient – it’s worth the wait. The only downside is that the restroom is past the counter to the right, but that’s a small price to pay for such amazing food. Overall, Bosphorus Mediterranean Cuisine is a gem of a restaurant that you’ll want to visit again and again.

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Kebab USA

Kebab USA - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Kebab USA – Photo Source

9867 Bustleton Ave Unit C Philadelphia
(215) 799-7777
Kebab USA Menu

Kebab USA, located in the Belair Shopping Center, is a fantastic restaurant that offers a wide variety of delicious dishes. From the chicken gyro platter to the dumplings in yogurt sauce, every dish is made with the freshest ingredients and bursting with flavor. The lentil soup is a must-try, and the baklava is the perfect way to end your meal. The restaurant is also kid-friendly, with a kids menu available. Parking is easy, as it is located in a strip mall.

One reviewer mentioned that the portion sizes were small for the price, but this was not my experience. In fact, I found the prices to be very reasonable for the quality and portion size of the food. The 25 oz steak for just $20 is a steal, and it was halal too! The plov and whole chicken were also phenomenal, and the French fries were surprisingly good. The service was great, and I can’t wait to go back.

Another reviewer raved about the mixed appetizer platter, which included garlic yogurt with walnuts, red pepper, hummus, and eggplant. They also enjoyed the napoleon, shish-kebap, and chicken shish kebap. The restaurant even provides their own wet-wipes, which is a nice touch.

Overall, Kebab USA is a must-visit restaurant for anyone who loves delicious, fresh, and flavorful food. The service is top-notch, and the prices are very reasonable. Don’t miss out on this gem of a restaurant!

Little Istanbul

Little Istanbul - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Little Istanbul – Photo Source

11728 Bustleton Ave Philadelphia
(267) 577-7575
Little Istanbul Menu

Little Istanbul, located in the Lumar Shopping Center, is a must-visit restaurant for anyone who loves Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine. The mixed kabob platter is a standout dish, with options for chicken, beef, and lamb that are all cooked to perfection. The hummus is also a must-try, served with warm pita bread that is perfect for dipping. Vegetarians will appreciate the big appetizer platter that is all vegetarian and can be treated as a meal, as well as the two vegetative pides or Turkish cheese pies. The portions are generous, so you won’t leave hungry. The service is top-notch, with courteous and attentive staff who know the perfect timing to serve between appetizers and main dishes. The seating area is small, so it’s best to reserve ahead of time. While there were a few negative comments about the gyro over rice being a bit tough to chew, the overall consensus is that the food is delicious and authentic. Don’t miss out on the dessert choices, including the many varieties of baklava. Little Istanbul is a hidden gem that is definitely worth a visit.

Family Mediterranean Cuisine

Family Mediterranean Cuisine - <a href="">Photo Source</a>
Family Mediterranean Cuisine – Photo Source

466 W Holly Ave Pitman
(856) 589-9589
Family Mediterranean Cuisine Menu

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Family Mediterranean Cuisine is a hidden gem that should not be overlooked. The food is off the charts good and the portions are generous. The yogurt chicken and yogurt lamb kebabs are a must-try and the baklava is heavenly. The restaurant may not have a super modern decor, but the quality of the food and attentiveness of service more than make up for it. The restaurant also offers vegetarian options such as hummus and is kid-friendly with French fries on the menu. Parking is easy and onsite. Although there was a negative review about missing food, the overall experience at Family Mediterranean Cuisine is worth a visit. Don’t miss out on some of the most delicious food in not only Pitman, but all of South Jersey.


During my exploration of Turkish restaurants in Philadelphia, I had the pleasure of discovering some incredible places that I highly recommend. Isot Mediterranean Cuisine is a must-visit for anyone who loves Mediterranean food. The mixed meze platter is a great starter, and the lamb chops are a must-try. The restaurant offers excellent service and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Pera Turkish Cuisine is another fantastic choice for an authentic Turkish dining experience. The cold mezze combo platter and Chicken Beyti are highly recommended. The staff takes pride in their cuisine, and the head chef prepares traditional Turkish dishes to perfection. Paprica Modern Mediterranean Grill offers mouth-watering dishes like Chicken Adana and ground lamb kebabs.

The restaurant has a cozy ambiance, and the lentil soup is a standout. Bosphorus Mediterranean Cuisine provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, along with delicious dishes like the lamb gyro and chicken over rice. The staff is friendly and attentive, making it a wonderful dining experience. Kebab USA is a fantastic restaurant that offers a wide variety of delicious dishes, including a flavorful 25 oz steak. The service is great, and the prices are reasonable. Finally, Little Istanbul is a hidden gem that offers authentic Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine. The mixed kabob platter and vegetarian options are outstanding. The service is attentive, and the portions are generous. Family Mediterranean Cuisine is another hidden gem that should not be overlooked. The food is top-notch, and the portions are generous.

The yogurt chicken and yogurt lamb kebabs are a must-try. Overall, these Turkish restaurants in Philadelphia offer an exceptional culinary experience, each with its own unique flavors and ambiance. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the deliciousness of Turkish cuisine in the heart of Philadelphia.

In conclusion, Philadelphia’s Turkish restaurant scene is a treasure trove of culinary delights. From the warm and inviting atmosphere of Isot Mediterranean Cuisine to the authentic flavors of Pera Turkish Cuisine, each restaurant offers its own unique take on Turkish cuisine. Paprica Modern Mediterranean Grill, Bosphorus Mediterranean Cuisine, Kebab USA, Little Istanbul, and Family Mediterranean Cuisine are all hidden gems that should not be overlooked. Whether you’re a fan of traditional kebabs, flavorful meze platters, or delectable desserts like baklava, these Turkish restaurants in Philadelphia have something to satisfy every palate. Immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant flavors of Turkish cuisine and experience a culinary journey that will transport you to the streets of Turkey.

For a broader exploration of Philadelphia’s culinary diversity, including its enticing Turkish offerings, be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Philadelphia’s Diverse Culinary Scene.

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